Sunday, April 5, 2009


Our friend Johnny had some nice things to say about us:
In a French interview from '73 with John Cale (Croissant Hate #4) he speaks of the first Stooges album recording sessions when, following the recording of 'Ann', he stepped outside onto the cold NY streets for a cigarette, pondering what to do with the weighty outro to the song. "I remembered thinking that they should do it for longer. They had done for five minutes, then it was mastered down to two minutes, but that pounding rhythmic sensation should have lasted for an hour. Maybe ten. I was thinking this, as I was both seduced and disgusted by the primal idiocy of the sound they had just recorded, and like a primitive New Guinean gazing on the face of a mongoloid of blind tribesman, they had a shamanistic quality, something to revere. That moment I realised that they were a seer, a handful of bones tossed onto the floor of the avante-gard and rock traditions to recognise the future lay in the idiotic and the primal, the thudding beat and the screeching noise that I'd had a hand in designing, and it frightened me. That very moment, the sun flashed in the corner of my eye as if to reassure me that this was the point at which something new was happening, something had begun. Some new race of creature had been born to slouch toward Bethlehem." Whether they new of this or not, the UV Race understood it perfectly, and they chose the sun as their symbol, stating boldly they came from the sun, and to the sun they will return, recognising that the thud and the screeeeeccchh are perfection together. Amen.

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