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Monday, February 21, 2011

BDO tour 2011


swim together. the closer our bodies are together the better. ^this^ photo was an unpossed snap shot of us sharing some beers and body contact in the pool back stage in Sydney. it was moe-man-chips-williams birthday and we were celebrating.

here is another example of us enjoying a close and personal dip. this is a tiny pool that alex's mum owns and keeps in there back yard in Perth. this is an action shot of six uv farts, some would describe our collective fart faces as 'sexy'. the uv race would like to thank NAT for the shade.


Other things we do to bond on tour is go and capture birds, Alex found a Gang-Gang Galah. They are mighty rare. Alex can be seen on the catwalk sporting her new Gang- Gang hat! She is the stealthiest uv..


Now we will talk about snakes:

Here is Georgia with a snake, she is the bravest uv...

Marcus had a very happy snake in this picture...

and this is Snake and the Crack-odile eatting some alien from the buffet...


As you can see we were mighty chuffed with our fantastical adventures on the BDO tour and often stared into each others eyes!!

Thanks for having us Ramstein!

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Friday, February 11, 2011


Here's a song from The UV Race with a 100% money back guarantee that if you give it to a wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, love interest, sexy uncle, your mum, the lollipop lady down your road, teacher, grandma, Leonardo Dicaprio, anyone named Heather or Mike Judge, you will be loved for ever with no chance of betrayal, divorce or misery. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

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Here's another one of them photos. The photographer's name is DANIEL BOUD and he shoots for FASTER LOUDER an internet website about MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tommy James wrote this song about UV bassist Mo-man a looooooooooooong time ago and it's only just made it to youtube and to all our hearts. This is for Mr. Andrew WK, who ripped a piano rendition of 'Crimson and Clover' after our set at the BDO.


S.S. Records released the second UV 7" Malaria. They've also done a shitload more records worth exchanging your bodily fluids for. And now they just got fucking feedtime playing to celebrate ten years!

Here's a little from Mr. S.S.

In 2001, S.S. Records was formed. The label's first record was a 7” by the A Frames. Since then S.S. Records has released records by Los Llamarada, Intelligence, Cheveu, Crash Normal. Lili Z., Baby 63, Cigarettes, Frustration, The Geeks, Dan Melchior, Duchess of Saigon, Sperm Wails, Banque Allemande, XYX, Ozzie, and many others. Over the last ten years, the label has built a reputation for discovering great unknown bands, finding hidden underground music scene throughout the world, and digging up obscure and forgotten recordings.

To celebrate it’s tenth anniversary, S.S. has put together S S 1 0, a weekend of music in San Francisco. This is what we have planned:

Friday, May 20
A Frames
Hank IV
Charles Albright
w/ dj Mitch Cardwell
@ Bottom of the Hill, 8:30 PM

Saturday, May 21
Nothing People
Wounded Lion
w/ dj Ryan Wells
@ Bottom of the Hill, 8:30 PM

Sunday, May 22
The Mantles
& a record swap
@ Hemlock Tavern, 4 PM Swap, 6 PM Show

So....yes you read right: feedtime, the legendary Australian band! We got the original line up to reform just for this show! Not only is this gonna be the first time feedtime plays the US but it is the first time the original line up will have played live since 1989. And this aint no slap happy bunch of oldersters. They are as loud and excellent as ever!....What is S.S. Records without the A Frames? We gotta have them play this thing! Their string of shows last year were among there best. They rarely play and with Tommy now living in New York and Erin & Min are wrapped up in other projects, you aren't gonna get a better chance than this to catch them. Figure this to be gargantuan!...When planning this we wrote Cheveu and said "You coming to the US any time soon? If so we have a gig for you!" They said give is a date and we will be there. So from Paris they come and, man, are we glad. They are great live and keep getting better...You like the Lamps! I like the Lamps! Fuck yeah the Lamps! Lamps! Lamps! Lamps! Crush! Kill! Destroy! Modern thuggery at its best...Nothing People are one of our signature bands and they must play, so they are slithering down the valley for this one. Expect a dark pall to descend upon the city..Hank IV! Yeah not on the label but who cares? Great band! We love 'em, so we asked them to play!...Math genius Charles Albright has played a solo set once! We wanted him to make this one show two, so you get a rare appearance by our own psych-punk Pythagoras...Wounded Lion! Fuck yeah! One of the best clap happy bands around. They know how to start a party! Fuck yeah...The Mantles, can't say a god damn bad thing about them, even the sailor on bass. Fucking strum strum to heaven...That's right, you read NAR as in "Hi we're Nar N-A-R" the legendary Sacramento band, our little own NRBQ. They play maybe once every leap year, so leap!...and then we got LENS, fronted by Andy Jordan of Andy Human, Cuts, and Time Flys fame. Put on your Roxy boots! Fuck yes..and don't forget a god damn record swap! What more do you want from us? City Rock? Sure, rumor has it Mitch Cardwell, Ryan Wells and Mr S.S. himself will be spinning City Rock at a local bar the Thurday prior to kick off.

Advanced tickets for the May 20 & 21 shows will be available at through the Bottom of the Hill starting March 1. There will be no advanced sales for the May 22 show at the Hemlock. Please do not contact S.S. for tickets or reservations. All that is being handled through the venues!

So there ya go: S S 1 0, our own little celebration. Hope you can make it to the great city of San Francisco for a damn good time!