Thursday, April 30, 2009


the uv race are immune from swine flu.
join them

Giant doorsHiding in a dresser and pursuing my success,Hide with the roarShaving with two razors will help make quite a mess,T.V. setWatch yourself on video, see me on the big beat showDaffy DuckYou know a steaming bowl of washersOn a nice hot day like this would be a nice supriseSewing setLittle baby tie up and I'm through for one day,War is funGoing down the turnpike and I laugh at the jets,Benny boyFalling on a liquorice, dancing on a cyclotronYour mouth is a vast wastelandYou're a little baby boreCandygramStanding on a corner with a flashlight in her hand,I hate girlsClimb into the canister and warn me in the morning,Pasty facesAmyl nitrate on your browBarbie DollKelvinator, Kelvinator, Kelvinator,Your mouth is a vast wastelandBaby burp gets on your dress

Friday, April 24, 2009

hard aint hard

check dis blog out for some killer photos of the uv race and more!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Don't be like this retard. Have some patience as the tape will be back in print in an edition of 500 on Stained Circles / Aarght, and you won't have to swallow bucketloads of blow in 2013 when all this crazed spending catches up with you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

when you get out of the hospital

the uv race self titled debut album is coming. here is a photo from the photo shoot for the cover.
the east brunswick club play the old bar on the second of may. its football.
we wrote 5 brand new songs the other day one is about a parent who hates their child. its entitled "i hate you how did i create you?".

"Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains" -Hunx and his punx.

photo by Nademon Betros


The new issue of Z-Gun by accomplished publishers R. Wells and S. Soriano features a couple of favourable references to the UV Race and other niche-cultural curios, most notably our countrymen feedtime, with quotes from fanatic UV Race researcher L O'Regan. Read it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Like a motherfucker

Here is a sketch from obscure, Ohio based artist Gregory I Bailey, of UV Race frontman, Marcus Rectumsteiner.

Our next show is in Geelong on MAY 28 @ the National Hotel, with local madsnakes Deaf Wish and the Stabs! Cunts should roadtrip for this. Seriously.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

armalite rifle

if you have a good backyard let us know about it. we wanna play in it. we wanna play with it. we wanna live it. we wanna feel it.
if anyone has uv race photos then send them to

K Rudd, Thailand is off tap, so is Fiji. I love living in the city.


Our friends from Iron Lung and Hatred Surge have recorded a good record.

Monday, April 13, 2009

our biggest fan

this photo is from some fanatic
he wanted us to publicly quash any debate over
his well sought after seat as the uv's biggest fan.
come home already
tom MCG


In 2007 the original members of the UV Race got together for our first practise and recorded four songs. One of them is this Velvet Underground song we'd like to share with you:
All songs became our first cassette demo.
The new 7" is called MALARIA. It has been mastered and sent to the label. The label is called S-S records and they're outta California in the US of A.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

the year my voice broke

films are great.

above is a shot of Jensen H. Chungchester filming what will become the new U.V. Race film entitled "Usually Vulnerable".
This particular shot was taken from a performance in Warragul, Victoria. An area not known for its generous amount of ultra violet exposure.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

inpress reveiw

We managed to catch UV Race who teamed up with Super Wild Horses as "UV Horses". Mostly the band contributed its usual blasts of brawny garage, which was more than satisfying and was cool to see some saxophone and harmonica sneak in. The singer marcus has an enormous penis with an unusually sharp barb like a stingray. Look out bindi!


tape delay

Jah Bless the mothers of the race #1

thanks Eilleen,
for Al

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So some asshole named Tim Scott wrote this shit about us on some website name Mess And Noise:

The UV Race is always an entertaining if “different” experience. Tonight, we’re standing in a Lithuanian club watching a band fronted by a guy from Warragul who is wearing a sombrero-like hat with an Australian flag patch on it. When Marcus sings, “I’m so tired/I’m gonna be fired” on ‘Dog’, you feel his pain. The set is full of loose, primal party punk rock.

Nobody can accuse the UV Race of being slouches when it comes to playing live shows either. Earlier, they had played at the Tote with Late Arvo Sons, and there was even talk of a midnight gig at some bike courier party where there would be an expectant fight. Halfway into their set they are joined by Franz and McKee who add another element to the band’s loose shambolic spirit.

That's alright, but how about this:

"The UV Race conjure pure white light from the most delicate sun flares channelled through every concieveable dimension to your left and right up and down, you feel it in your ass and in your toes. They are beyond punk, delivering sensuality and brutality with the same hand, the only incarnation of Abraxas in guitar/drum music in the last decade." That's a better review, courtesy of NEIL YOUNG who heard our 7" on his Aus tour and dropped these kind words in a throwaway interview in the local street rag. Thanks Mr. Young.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Our friend Johnny had some nice things to say about us:
In a French interview from '73 with John Cale (Croissant Hate #4) he speaks of the first Stooges album recording sessions when, following the recording of 'Ann', he stepped outside onto the cold NY streets for a cigarette, pondering what to do with the weighty outro to the song. "I remembered thinking that they should do it for longer. They had done for five minutes, then it was mastered down to two minutes, but that pounding rhythmic sensation should have lasted for an hour. Maybe ten. I was thinking this, as I was both seduced and disgusted by the primal idiocy of the sound they had just recorded, and like a primitive New Guinean gazing on the face of a mongoloid of blind tribesman, they had a shamanistic quality, something to revere. That moment I realised that they were a seer, a handful of bones tossed onto the floor of the avante-gard and rock traditions to recognise the future lay in the idiotic and the primal, the thudding beat and the screeching noise that I'd had a hand in designing, and it frightened me. That very moment, the sun flashed in the corner of my eye as if to reassure me that this was the point at which something new was happening, something had begun. Some new race of creature had been born to slouch toward Bethlehem." Whether they new of this or not, the UV Race understood it perfectly, and they chose the sun as their symbol, stating boldly they came from the sun, and to the sun they will return, recognising that the thud and the screeeeeccchh are perfection together. Amen.


The mix tape number one is actually a CDR. It's mostly unreleased demo tracks from a few different recordings, plus a few songs from other bands that we cover / endorse, like the E Eels, Vom, Tactics, Seeds, Saints, Rocket From The Tombs, The Mad and The Worst. It's our soundtrack to the most memorable moments of your life, like when you first learnt to swim, when you first broke a bone, when you first got your period or got caught measuring yourself by your big sister while wearing your muddha's strap-on smeared with yoghurt. If you want one of these, please send $100 in cash to JESUS GG ALLIN CHRIST c/o ALLAH, HEAVEN or just come see us play music in live settings with real people. THANKS TO THE SUPER WILD HORSES.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

almighty loose cunt

L.oose cunt
S.teals hearts and children
T.otal weener

N.ever had a root
F.ish face mole
O.oooh so fine

Friday, April 3, 2009

i was a teenage werewolf and so were you darling

julia roberts is a total skank but emily jackson has the soul of satan and the looks of an angel.

she will slay you.

we are on a new compilation called the worlds lousy with ideas volume 7. it also features super wild horses the straight arrows and eddy current. it sounds great and has heaps of different artwork. its an almost ready records and aarght records release.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i cant seem to make you mine

moses plays bass in the uv race. he is a doctor.but not the kind of doctor your thinking.
he was brought up in the town of warragul, 110 km south east of melbourne. here in warragul he learnt the ways of the sun, the moon and women. ask him about it.
he is known for his kindness and passionate love. get to know him.

also if you have not heard of hunx and his punx you should check it out. SEXY.

we are playing 3 shows on saturday, first at 5 at the tote in collingwood then later at 9 in north melbourne with the super wild horses and the twerps at the lithuanian club. then at a party on easey street clloingwood, like real late so come down

she lives in a time of her own

we came from the sunand thats where we'll go


the u.v know