Thursday, April 30, 2009


the uv race are immune from swine flu.
join them

Giant doorsHiding in a dresser and pursuing my success,Hide with the roarShaving with two razors will help make quite a mess,T.V. setWatch yourself on video, see me on the big beat showDaffy DuckYou know a steaming bowl of washersOn a nice hot day like this would be a nice supriseSewing setLittle baby tie up and I'm through for one day,War is funGoing down the turnpike and I laugh at the jets,Benny boyFalling on a liquorice, dancing on a cyclotronYour mouth is a vast wastelandYou're a little baby boreCandygramStanding on a corner with a flashlight in her hand,I hate girlsClimb into the canister and warn me in the morning,Pasty facesAmyl nitrate on your browBarbie DollKelvinator, Kelvinator, Kelvinator,Your mouth is a vast wastelandBaby burp gets on your dress

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