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We got a record cumming out on Spanish label Terminal Picnic imminently of early recordings, demos and motivational speeches, and here is a particularly lively number promoting a balanced diet and educated approach to sustainence: PUNK SONG

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

much loved.

Saturday 27 August – Lost Animal “Say No To Thugs” Single Launch

w/ Primitive Calculators vs The Aztecs + The UV Race

Saturday August 27th sees Lost Animal (Jarrod Quarrell of St Helens & The New Season infamy) launch ‘Say No To Thugs’ the first single from his forthcoming debut album ‘Ex Tropical’.
whispers abound from industry and public alike of “ That guy is fucking crazy” Lost Animal returns to set the record straight.
Lost Animal is joined on record and stage by the one and only Shags Chamberlain.

Supports for the night come from Melbourne’s legendary ‘Little Band’ originators Primitive Calculators and the much loved UV Race.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

pit squitter

the band

Top row from left: al + marcus
bottom row from left: dan, moses-in-ari up-costume, alex

+ Georgia below

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Life as an international model

not many people know this but our drummer Daniel is actually a world class male model. he specialises in 'life style' shots as he is the face of the average white man.
here he is in his latest job as 'guy enjoying internet finance' on the paypal website.
we are all very proud.

rat you can't be one of us

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Toms face. Laugh-Out-Loud

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kiwi koncern

sometimes i'm a boy and sometimes im a girl

terror of the deep 8 song cassette out now on hidiotic records, write to for your copy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

oz rock

thanks treackle!

sick shredding, i have the same guitar lol ;-)

thanks steph

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Mileys diverse inspiration. Nirvana and Nickleback?

As teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus launched into her version of Smells Like Teen Spirit at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre last night, an older audience member could be heard pleading “no” in mercy.

Having introduced the Nirvana classic to the crowd as one of the songs that inspired her to chase her dream as a recording artist, the former Disney child-star unleashed a cover that was nothing short of a nightmare for Kurt Cobain's worshippers.

With every naively overwrought vocal affectation, Cyrus robbed the song of its slacker-fuelled cynicism, completely ripping out its soul like so many beer garden cover bands had done before her.

It was a sacred cow slaying on par with Michael Bolton tackling Love Will Tear Us Apart or Lady Gaga playing John Lennon's piano half naked.

Ironically Cyrus and her band spent much of the night ploughing through the sort of bombastic, anthemic, pop rock by-numbers that Cobain railed so hard against in his hey day.

Nickelback was a more obvious touchstone than Nirvana as big rock drums and bass thundered around a set seemingly pulled from an '80s hair metal clip.

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pick your king

good nerd bad nerd

its strange what some people do with their time.

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