Sunday, April 5, 2009


The mix tape number one is actually a CDR. It's mostly unreleased demo tracks from a few different recordings, plus a few songs from other bands that we cover / endorse, like the E Eels, Vom, Tactics, Seeds, Saints, Rocket From The Tombs, The Mad and The Worst. It's our soundtrack to the most memorable moments of your life, like when you first learnt to swim, when you first broke a bone, when you first got your period or got caught measuring yourself by your big sister while wearing your muddha's strap-on smeared with yoghurt. If you want one of these, please send $100 in cash to JESUS GG ALLIN CHRIST c/o ALLAH, HEAVEN or just come see us play music in live settings with real people. THANKS TO THE SUPER WILD HORSES.

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  1. Check this out-
    You owe me $1000 for my time and film direction genius, thanks.