Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So some asshole named Tim Scott wrote this shit about us on some website name Mess And Noise:

The UV Race is always an entertaining if “different” experience. Tonight, we’re standing in a Lithuanian club watching a band fronted by a guy from Warragul who is wearing a sombrero-like hat with an Australian flag patch on it. When Marcus sings, “I’m so tired/I’m gonna be fired” on ‘Dog’, you feel his pain. The set is full of loose, primal party punk rock.

Nobody can accuse the UV Race of being slouches when it comes to playing live shows either. Earlier, they had played at the Tote with Late Arvo Sons, and there was even talk of a midnight gig at some bike courier party where there would be an expectant fight. Halfway into their set they are joined by Franz and McKee who add another element to the band’s loose shambolic spirit.

That's alright, but how about this:

"The UV Race conjure pure white light from the most delicate sun flares channelled through every concieveable dimension to your left and right up and down, you feel it in your ass and in your toes. They are beyond punk, delivering sensuality and brutality with the same hand, the only incarnation of Abraxas in guitar/drum music in the last decade." That's a better review, courtesy of NEIL YOUNG who heard our 7" on his Aus tour and dropped these kind words in a throwaway interview in the local street rag. Thanks Mr. Young.

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