Monday, February 21, 2011

BDO tour 2011


swim together. the closer our bodies are together the better. ^this^ photo was an unpossed snap shot of us sharing some beers and body contact in the pool back stage in Sydney. it was moe-man-chips-williams birthday and we were celebrating.

here is another example of us enjoying a close and personal dip. this is a tiny pool that alex's mum owns and keeps in there back yard in Perth. this is an action shot of six uv farts, some would describe our collective fart faces as 'sexy'. the uv race would like to thank NAT for the shade.


Other things we do to bond on tour is go and capture birds, Alex found a Gang-Gang Galah. They are mighty rare. Alex can be seen on the catwalk sporting her new Gang- Gang hat! She is the stealthiest uv..


Now we will talk about snakes:

Here is Georgia with a snake, she is the bravest uv...

Marcus had a very happy snake in this picture...

and this is Snake and the Crack-odile eatting some alien from the buffet...


As you can see we were mighty chuffed with our fantastical adventures on the BDO tour and often stared into each others eyes!!

Thanks for having us Ramstein!

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