Monday, February 22, 2010

good bye em. we love you very very very much

I was bummed to find out at the UV Race/ Black Lips show at the Corner a couple of weeks ago that it was to be the UV's last with their rad keyboardist Emily Jackson. Although not the most vocal or highly visible member of the band (and no prizes for guessing who is!) Em has been an intergral and important part of the bands sound and feeling. And she is a top chick. she will be missed. I asked her some questions about her time and involvement in the band and her favourite Marcus outfit/costume.

So Em why you leaving? The rumours going around is that it's maternity leave. If you can find a sitter will you be back in 12 to 18 months?

Ha, that’s a much more exciting story. Nah I’m leaving because the UV shows, rehearsing etc. was taking up a lot of time and I didn’t want UV not to play shows because I wasn’t able to play them. It was a really hard decision to make and I was so sad to play my last show. I’ll miss playing with the band…maybe ill make a guest appearance when everyone least expects it!

How did you become involved in the band? What was the first rehearsal like?

I became involved in the band through Al and Marcus. We were friends from high school. I’d seen Straightjacket Nation play a couple of times and always said “Hey it would be cool to play keys in a band one day”. And then one day Marcus and Al were like , “we’ve got this band and you should play keys in it.” I thought this’ll be cool. The first rehearsal was pretty funny…I was pretty nervous not knowing what to expect and then Dan comes into the room and strips down to his footy shorts and Al was like “Dan always jams like that. He doesn’t like wearing pants when he plays the drums”.

What is your musical background. Was it very punk before UV Race?

Haha, not at all. I went along to a fair few punk-ish gigs with Al and liked the music but I’d really prefer to be listening to Missy Higgins! I also listened to a lot of Van Morrison, Crowded House and Cat Stevens. I think the UVers have managed to convert me at least a little. As for piano, I learnt formally for about 10 years doing mostly classical and jazz stuff.

What is your favourite UV Race song? Why?

This is a tricky one. I think I’d have to say 'Legoman' just because its always fun everytime we play it and I love that the middle section just leaves itself to be transformed into anything we want it to be.

Give a one sentence description of each UV Race band member. For Marcus you get two sentences!

Marcus – you just never know what Marcus is going to do next, except that it will probably be not what you thought he was going to do! But he’s got the biggest heart and would do anything for any of the UVers, or anyone else for that matter.

Al – Al’s just the best, that’s all.

Dan – Always seems to have million things going on at once, but somehow manages to keep everyone else and everything UV under control.

Moses – Moses is just really cool, he works as a scientist, plays bass and always holds it together on stage even when he admits later ‘oh man I was so nervous’.

Georgia – She’s the coolest harmonica/saxophone playing postie I know!

So you too are from Warragul. A town that is mentioned in every UV Race article/interview!

Yep im a Warraguler too! I think its so funny that every UV review mentions Warragul, and it never seems to be a very positive mention! Haha, more like ‘hey these guys are from this really wack country town, yet they still manage to put a few riffs and lyrics together…’ I think its probably because a lot of UV lyrics, especially in the earlier songs, refer to Marcus’s experiences growing up in Warragul. And it might seem to be the only explanation for some of the more unusual aspects of the UV Race.

What do your parents think of your involvement with UV? Did they go to shows?

Mum and Dad thought it was great (well they weren’t massively excited about the music itself but they loved that I was in the band!) they came to see us when we played in Missing Link with Eddie Current…I don’t think they quite knew what to make of it…ha. They love the first record though and play it to all their friends when they come over. I think their first comment was ‘wow you guys actually sound alright on the recording…’ Thanks mum.

Is 'former member of UV Race' now on your resume?

Of course!!

People think of the UV as a good time party band not perhaps realizing that outside the band you are all clever/talented bastards. What do you do outside the band?

I’ve just started working as an economist at the ACCC. Apart form that, I do volunteer work with the Australian Institute of International Affairs, play mixed netball, do lots of bike riding, and rescue Al from orang-utans in Indonesia!!

Do you have a fave tour moment/experience?

When we’d just landed at the airport in Brisbane and the Hilltop Hoods were collecting their luggage right next to us. Marcus decided to go and introduce himself to Matt from the band and gave him a UV mixed CD. And then got the best photo ever with him! I was so starstruck that I just stood there and didn’t really know what to do. Ha. Im still waiting for a Hillop Hoods cover of Legoman.

One of the best things I like about seeing UV is heckling them. Do you have any heckles up your sleeve?

I’m totally going to heckle the new keyboardist if I get replaced!! As for how, im not quite sure…I thought maybe throwing my champagne on them might be fitting, but maybe a little too drastic?? I’m still finalising my plan of attack.

Last question. What is your fave Marcus costume/nudity moment?

Hmmm…it’d have to be his costume for the album launch at Ding Dong. Reflective aluminium trays, and florescent stringy/elastic stuff… It was just really cool!! As for the nudity…haha, I told Marcus one day that when he took his pants off in one of the shows it put me off what I was doing and that maybe he should stick to taking his t-shirt off. His response was ‘but the girls love it!’.

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