Friday, September 4, 2009


Thinking of buying our records? Think again!
According to this German:
"Funny things happening sometimes: Just today there was the news-mailing from S-S RECORDS in my mail-box, announcing the release of something called U.V. RACE… About half an hour later, I was checking through my garbage-box of “records that came in here, but weren’t all that great“, and found there the first 7″ by U.V. RACE released on the australian label AARGHT RECORDS. Now first of all here’s cut short what Scott Soriano says about his release: The U.V. Race Malaria 7″… After some playing around, they released a great single on Aarght! Records and a split tape with pals Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Enter S.S. Records and this new record, Malaria, the U.V. Race’s second record. Four songs long, the UVs take their influences (X, Cramps, Electric Eels, VU, etc.) and smash them into something punk-like, spontaneous and fucking great. Uhuh?! So I felt like double-checking if I had missed out on something with this other 7″ that I did get. But what I hear is some sort of funny but sloppy Kid-Punk band, that could’ve come directly from the late 70s (or early 80s) and obscured into oblivion a few months later again… X? Cramps? Electric Eels? More like early SWELL MAPS or the PRATS, same sound but without any of the originality or potential those bands actually had. At first their sloppy sound makes you think “Oh, that’s cool”, but while listening through all of it, it’s getting somewhat annoying and boring. Anyone into buying this first 7″ off me? I’ll give it to the highest bidder, hehe. Btw, isn’t it ironic that there’s thousands of bands popping up, with twenty-years olds that claim to be influenced by music that was actually happening 40 or more years ago? That’s truly bizarre! As if nothing happened in between… and maybe they should write on their records “Thanx to grandma and grandpa for handing us over their record-collections”."


  1. You know what I hear on your first record? Passion and integrity...What the hell is bad about being influenced by groups that rocked and rolled 40 years ago? Wait 'til your full-length comes out - it will be like a punch in his face and a boot to his hipster ass. Fuck that dude. UV Race is going to save the world...or just make it a little better to drink beer in.

  2. Whatever, Germans are into suspect shit.