Sunday, August 23, 2009


Alright youth of today, here are the three winners of the UV Race competition, by pure virtue of their speed in mailing things to us.
This was drawn by Cooper / Alex from Melbourne, Australia.
This was drawn by Anonymous from Collingwood, Australia. What's your name? We will post this to you next week after Flip Out in Sydney.
This was drawn by someone who lives in Ringwood, Australia. Unfortunately they didn't write their name on the back of the drawing and we threw the envelope out. If this is you, please email us as we have your shit. We will post next week.
If you didn't win, don't despair. We are still getting plenty of drawings in the mail, more than expected, so we are going to collate them after Melbourne Flip Out (two weeks), pick our five favourites, and mail these people copies of the 7" with decorated cover art, posters from the launch and some other shit we decide you are worth having for giving us your time. So, please keep sending this shit in as we are getting a real kick out of it.


  1. I was the guy in Collingwood! Don't worry about the name, there's only me and my missus here.

  2. I drew the one from Ringwood! Sent you an email about it just now.

    Or email me at